Must-read Monthly Monday (Dec. ’19 ed.)


If it’s not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 25th of November 2019 to the 23rd of December 2019.

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Other People’s Reads

It wouldn’t be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people’s archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period…

  • An Influential Father Figure: Byakuya Ishigami by ThatRandomEditor – Saying “I haven’t talked much about Dr Stone on here” is a lie and that’s because it has some interesting ideas, even if it does falter here and there. However, one thing I haven’t talked about on here at all is the Byakuya manga spinoff, which makes me realise exactly how awesome Byakuya is. Although this post only addresses the main series, it reminds me a lot of said spinoff while still including new insights into this blogger I wasn’t previously aware of.

  • An Anime Review – Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki Atama no Ue. by the Space Goat – It seems even goats like the story between a cat and her human…
  • Comedy – as a genre – is undervalued by SpaceWhales – …and it turns out anime is popular with whales to boot. A bold claim for arguments I’ve never heard, but the bit about Shirobako being a drama brings to mind many other anime that dodge genre lines altogether. (In my opinion, basically the fact that fans take away the drama from Shirobako and not the comedy would be that 1) comedy is subjective and 2) just shows exactly how versatile comedy can be in tandem with other genres.)

  • Why You Should Give Case Closed a Shot by lupinfan1991 (ThirdImpactAnime) – This took me down memory lane and revealed something Detective Conan got licensed somewhere in the English-speaking world for once in a decade since the English dub of the series came out.
  • Case Closed 101 by MagicBox (Magic’s Detective Agency) – Speaking of “[going] down memory lane”, this was a weird tidbit that surfaced after Anime News Network ran a certain Detective Conan article (yes, if you suspect that article is exactly why I went down memory lane in the first place, you guessed right) – a promotional DVD of basically useless interviews tangentially related to the series.
  • Hipster Hotline: Spy x Family by Redgeek (Mammoth Base Opera Castle) – Spy x Family is good, y’all.
  • Variations on Tropes and Themes: Competition in Anime [OWLS February Blog Tour: Competition] by Carla (Pop Culture Literary) – Carla briefly came back last month and her OWLS posts are always great, so let’s combine the two with this post recommendation.

  • Blackfox; my review and the strength of choice by 012Mashi – One work I haven’t mentioned here is Blackfox. I admit I forgot about it in my yearly ranking (since I compiled it manually over the year and didn’t double-check it because of the upcoming roadtrip), as well. It’s kinda up my alley (action genre!) but also leaves quite a bit to be desired (it’s clearly the first part of a saga), so if you haven’t watched it, you can head to Crunchyroll and then read this.

  • Prince of Stride: Alternative | Worth Watching? by Alex (Otaku Central/OOCentral) – After getting together with Jon Spencer and some other bloggers for some Anime Music Quiz (including, quite intimidatingly, a database admin for the game, although I didn’t know that until I saw their list!), I thought about the anime I do know the OPs of off by heart and…the number is better than the EDs, but it’s going to need some work. How is that relevant to this post, you ask? One of those OPs is the very distinctive OxT OP Strider’s High.
  • Lies We Tell Ourselves by Kimchi-sama – The awesome thing about certain types of blogging content is that they can be extrapolated, with a little imagination, to apply to any topic at all. This is one of those posts – you may not be a book writer, but you might be a writer of other content, and so these words are also for you.

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Spellbook Offerings

#AniTwitWatches (School Days)

12 Days of Anime

Other Stuff 

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Current Obsessions

  • Discord’s Mudamaid: Also known as “a bot that does husbando/waifu battles”. I started looking into how to get more kakera this month.
  • Looking back over the decade (?) that was: That’s pretty obvious from the 12 Days and even Spotify Wrapped…Then again, the roadtrip mentioned below made me unexpectedly sick of writing much faster than I thought I’d be, so I feel like I rushed the entire 12 Days.  
  • Hypnosis Mic: Since the anime was announced on the 4th, I ended up going back to this after discovering I could access the official Spotify playlist. It was pretty startling to go back to the post My Reasons Why and realise I’d made a fatal mistake – all their quotes come from other (real life) people! There’s some very interesting characters and songs in the lineup (one notable song is Ikebukuro West Gate Park, which has a rock guitar, trumpets and call-and-response in the same song). I like some of Fling Posse and Doitsutare Honpo’s songs (just as casual listening), but my favourite character is Jakurai, whose low voice means I’m not really going to like his songs as much. I’ve tried translating and transcribing a song in Japanese before (2 separate occasions) and both are a real pain, so kudos to whoever’s tried to tackle and/or transcribe these. 

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Coming up next…

  • I got a rather sudden roadtrip sprung on me, so…don’t mind me if I seem to have walked off the face of the earth. I will be back in time for Fate/Stay Winter to begin, I promise…(but I’m not too far ahead on Fate/Stay Winter right now, which is bad news.) In exchange, you might’ve noticed I changed the blog’s theme to dark blue/gold, because that’s better than suffering through red/green colour-blindness.
  • More School Days, too. Hoo boy, it can only get worse from here (and this dot point is being written well before its posting date, so…that tells you why I procrastinated on School Days for years).
  • New Year’s Day lands on a Wednesday in 2020, so I’ve got a particularly interesting post lined up for it already.

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